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Ordering and Payment Instructions

UPDATE: December 22, 2022: I am back the USA. Some updates made today. Some links are broken, payment methods will be updated... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

How to send payments

NOTE: December 22, 2022: These payment methods are mostly accurate but will be further updated this week... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Payments are accepted in two currencies:

US Dollars ($)
Euros (€)

To Pay in US DOLLARS ($):
  • Checks drawn upon a US bank
  • Money Orders
  • CASH via registered mail
  • Direct Bank Transfer to my USA bank But you must pay my bank's "deposit" fee of $50.00 (details upon request)
  • Credit cards - VISA - MASTERCARD - via MONEYGRAM
    MONEYGRAM can be accessed online or in person; in the USA at Walmarts and CVS pharmacies, among others. You may also use the Walmart payment system (lower fees). In the UK MONEYGRAM is available at your POST office and many other locations.

  • I do not accept payments via PAYPAL.

    International payments via checks & money orders must be drawn upon a US bank in Dollars, and should be computer encoded along the bottom of the check. There are many other financial services that support international payments, such as Transferwise. All bank fees are paid for by the buyer.
To Pay in EUROS (€):
  • Direct Bank Transfer to my Austrian Bank
    Details sent upon request.

Pennsylvania residents & deliveries must also pay a 6% state sales tax.


UPDATE: December 22, 2022: I am very far behind work, these past 3.5 years have been rough, 4 friend and family deaths plus covid has me distracted, sorry.

Mr. Harvey Abrams

Specializing in History of Sport and the Olympic Games since 1979
P.O. Box 732
State College, PA, USA 16804

email: Olympicbks@aol.com

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