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Read more about the following services:


Direct Purchases

Private Treaty Sales


Historical Research, Writing, & Consulting


We accept your material for sale on consigment with a written contract. Our terms are very simple and a brochure will be sent with an inventory form/contract upon request. We require that the material MUST be in our possession before we will attempt to sell it on your behalf. There is a specific time limit for the sale, and if not sold, the material is returned to you. Normally we require a one year contract for this arrangement. Our fees are simple -- you pay 10 percent and the buyer pays 10 percent of the final sale price. The buyer also pays for postage and insurance. If the material is returned to you, unsold, then you pay the return postage and insurance. There is a minimum fee paid to us of $10 per item or $10 per lot whether the material sells or not. I will try to sell your material at the best possible price via catalog, auction or private treaty sales.

Direct Purchases

I purchase material and encourage you to send your sales lists for my inspection.
I do not make "offers" -- you have to give me a price and I will either say yes or no.
I refuse to haggle over prices.

Please note that I do not give free appraisals.

If you want an appraisal or fair market valuation -- then I charge a fee for this service.
In this case I am ethically bound not to buy the material, nor sell it for you on consignment.
See my Appraisal section below.

Private Treaty Sales

I can try to sell your material as quickly as possible through a "private treaty sale." You determine the price for the item you want to sell, ship it to me and I try to sell it to one of my customers without a catalog, auction or public notice. You will never know the buyer and the buyer will never know the seller (you). I serve as a broker in this arrangment. My commission is 10 percent from each party, buyer & seller, of the sale price. The terms for a private treaty sale are negotiated in a simple contract with the minimum time limit of 30 days, usually not longer than 90 days. There is a minimum fee and shipping costs for my services if the item remains unsold and must be returned.


I conduct appraisals of single items or entire collections. An appraisal is conducted for the fair market value of the item(s) -- that means the price a dealer would obtain at sale to the public -- to a willing buyer. We use the IRS definition of "fair market value" which is not the same as replacement value. Many conditions affect valuations -- I have a more specific page for appraisals -- (under construction). You might need an appraisal for resale of material, insurance protection or estate valuation/probate. I provide details on the proper IRS Form 8283 as part of this service. For whatever reason you need an appraisal -- an appraisal eliminates us as a potential buyer for a period of two years. We cannot sell the material for you on consignment either. We eliminate ourselves ethically to guarantee that we are a non-interested third party with no benefit from the material's valuation. We do not charge according to the value of the material -- we charge according to time. We follow the USA appraisal rules according to the IRS, and Canadian rules according to Heritage Canada. Please request a copy of my fee schedule which can be sent via email or first class mail. A contract is required and a retainer must be paid in advance.

Historical Research, Writing and Consulting

As an Olympic Games and Sport Historian I provide research, writing and consulting sevices on a contract basis.
My services are billed at an hourly rate of $125, with a minimum fee of $300. The initial fee of $300 allows you to have four hours of time by telephone, fax or email. Longer terms of service such as daily, weekly, monthly or seasonally can be negotiated by contract. Travel and expenses are extra. Payment is in US Dollars via checks, money orders, or direct bank transfer. I will soon have electronic payments for credit cards through GOOGLE CHECKOUT. I do not use PAYPAL.

There are special fees for various additional services such as photographic reprint rights, notary fees, etc. I have conducted research for Olympic Committees, provided photographs for publications such as Sports Illustrated, consulted for television networks, film producers, publishers and private parties.

The end product can be as simple as answering your questions in a telephone conversation to writing a full report with photographs, footnotes and references -- however permission is never granted for republication unless I remain the copyright owner. I do not write term papers and dissertations for students -- so do not ask. However, I will serve as a consultant to students -- but pre-payment of a consulting fee is required.

Harvey Abrams, BS, MAT, Ph.D/abd
Olympic Games & Sport Historian

P.O. Box 732
State College, PA, USA 16804
tel: (814) 321-4018

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