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Barcelona Olympic Games Official Report

Barcelona Olympic Games Official Report

Description of Contents

Roma Cuyas, editor.
Barcelona: COOB'92, S.A., 1992, 1776 pp.

Published by the Barcelona Olympic Organizing Committee.
4 volumes. Hardbound. Slipcases. 1776 pages.

Originally published in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Catalan.
The Official Report was written in Catalan and then translated into the other three languages.

The complete set is four volumes.

ISBN: 84-7868-107-8 (4 volume set).*
ISBN: 84-7868-108-6 (volume I) Blue cloth covers & slipcase.
ISBN: 84-7868-109-4 (volume II) Yellow cloth covers & slipcase.
ISBN: 84-7868-110-8 (volume IIII) Green cloth covers & slipcase.
ISBN: 84-7868-106-X (volume IV). Red cloth covers & slipcase.

*In Volume IV the ISBN: was changed to 84-7868-097-7 (4 volume set).


Volume I. The Challenge; From the Idea to the Nomination.
459 pp. Printed May 25, 1992.
Foreward, Introduction, Editor's note, the City of Barcelona, origin and history of the Olympic Games, the "candidature" of Barcelona, the bid process, the selection process and selection of Barcelona for the Games, appendices including an Olympic glossary and list of medal winners since 1896. Printed and sold before the Olympic Games began, it was an attempt to make the information available to the public.

Volume II. The Means; Objectives, Resources and Venues.
432 pp. Printed July 25, 1993.
This volume covers the history of the Barcelona Organizing Committee, its organisation, plans, legal aspects, economic management and control, income, taxes, human resources, planning and design of the sports facilities, and the cultural program.

Volume III. The Organisation; The Preparation of the Games.
428 pp. Printed May 17, 1993.
This volume covers the organisation of the sports, the torch run, the media, the adaptation of facilities, logistics, technology, accommodations including the Olympic Village, Olympic family services, security, image/publicity, communications and commercial management including television rights and tickets.

Volume IV. The Games; Sixteen Days in Summer.
456 pp. Printed December 9, 1992.
This volume covers the Games in detail, the opening and closing ceremonies, the Olympic torch run, the cultural Olympiad, the various residences for athletes, officials, press, etc., services, statistics and tables.

A fifth volume, with black covers, was produced and has been incorrectly identified by some organizations and collectors as part of the Official Report.

The fifth volume is a compilation of the Results in a statistical manner. From the physical appearance of the volume it looks like it is part of the Official Report -- but it is not. It is a separate publication.

In previous Olympic Games similar Results were published in a different and less expensive format made available to the public. This 1992 volume of Results (black covers) was produced by the same team that produced the Official Report, but this volume was not made available to the public as were the other four volumes (red, blue, green and yellow covers).

The editor, Roma Cuyas, described these publications briefly in Volume III, on pages 369-370, with a photograph of the four volume Official Report.

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